Second Dead Manatee Found in PHMR

April 2nd, 2013 3:46 pm marks the second occurrence for the year (See first article) when the TIDE team responded to information from a community fisher about a dead manatee.

Dead Manatee Deep RiverToday the dead manatee was located in the Deep River about two miles from the river mouth. The manatee was found on the shallow left bank of the main river, tucked away in a nook.

Upon arrival it was observed that no limbs were attached to the carcass. It seemed to have been removed either by decomposition or river animals. The manatee was floating belly up, no scars, moderately decomposed, filled with maggots and was being fed upon by critters. Based from the level of decomposition the team estimated that the manatee was dead for approximately 10-15 days, placing the time of death at about a day or two after the death of the first manatee reported on March 18th, 2013 in Monkey River some two weeks ago.

The team geared up to enter the water and take a closer look at the 500 lbs. 9’10” male manatee carcass hoping to find the cause of death on its back. Hence, the carcass was flipped and an inspection for the cause of death began.

The degree to which the body was decomposed made it difficult to notice any lacerations, punctures, boat strike or anything really. However a large portion of flesh was removed from the left side of the lower back closer to the tail. The bones in the lower back were visible and no fracture was observed with the naked eye.  A tissue sample was also taken from the tail for further analysis.

It’s sad to have these magnificent creatures being wiped out. Let’s do our part to protect them for now and for future generations!  If you are a witness of a hurt or dead manatee, sea turtle please contact the authorities (TIDE, Fisheries Department) right away. One phone call can help in the protection of these endangered species.

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Date: April 9, 2013 Author: admin
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