Conservation Leadership and Project Planning

Though a multitude of languages were spoken, the message of conservation remained the same at a recent Conservation Leadership Programme (CLP) workshop in Calgary, Canada. 

Future conservation leaders from 19 different countries attended the international workshop based on awards from the CLP to implement high priority conservation projects. TIDE’s terrestrial biologist, Elmar Requena, had the honor of being selected for this program.

CLP’s mission is to promote the development of future conservation leaders and provide them with the capacity to address the most significant conservation issues of our time.

Group Discussions and Field Trips

During the workshop, field trips, sessions of leadership, project planning, fundraising, climate change, education outreach, and media messaging were highlights.


Elmar presented his terrestrial monitoring team’s research project entitled: Ecological and Distribution Assessment of the Hicatee Turtle in Southern Belize. The project seeks to increase knowledge of this data deficient species using mark and recapture and radio telemetry tracking methods within the Rio Grande River. This one-year study will increase local community awareness and promote stewardship of resources, especially as the current decline of Hicatee is attributed to over harvesting.

TIDE would like to thank the Conservation Leadership Program for the opportunity provided to Elmar and TIDE’s Research and Monitoring program.

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TIDE Research & Monitoring Department

Date: August 19, 2013 Author: admin
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