Punta Negra Grill and Tavern

Women of one of the tiniest coastal villages in Southern Belize, Punta Negra, received keys to a cultural dining facility from the Toledo Institute for Development and Environment, TIDE.  The cultural restaurant, valued at just over BZ $45,000, comes with all of the necessary kitchen equipment including a solar powered freezer, picnic benches, stove and other items ready to start cooking.  TIDE worked extremely hard in securing funding for this restaurant from MAR Fund and the German Cooperation through the Protected Areas Conservation Trust, PACT and we are happy to be able to provide something that the women in Punta Negra have wanted for a long time.



Punta Negra is a small coastal fishing community adjacent to the Port Honduras Marine Reserve in Southern Belize.  Many years ago, TIDE invested highly in training fishermen from this community and other coastal communities in tour guiding and sports fishing. Today, many of our marine guides are from Punta Negra and are among the best guides in Toledo and make a decent living from tourism. Sadly, over the years many residents of this community have relocated to Punta Gorda Town to find job opportunities, leaving only a few families – especially fisherwomen and children behind.

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Total investment more than $45,000 We can assure you that their cooking is excellent!
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We are confident that this restaurant will help to improve the livelihood of these fisherwomen and their children. We will do our best to market the restaurant and invite everyone who does a tour to the Port Honduras Marine Reserve or nearby to support the women by calling the ladies in Punta Negra at 543-3023 and make your reservations for meals. We assure you that their cooking is excellent!

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Date: February 11, 2015 Author: admin
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