Protected Areas Poster Consultancy

Terms of reference for a contract to produce a poster and leaflet to raise awareness of Toledo’s protected areas among local resource users.

9th May 2013

The Toledo Institute for Development and Environment (TIDE) is seeking a contractor to produce educational posters and leaflets to raise awareness of the locations and regulations of the protected areas of Toledo.


One main poster and leaflet will feature a map showing all the protected areas of Toledo, accompanied by photographs of each area and symbols representing activities that are or are not permitted in that area.

The audience will be resource users resident in Toledo, including hunters and fishers, many of whom are illiterate and/or do not speak English as a first language and many of whom are not familiar with reading maps. The challenge is to create materials that convey what kinds of activities are or are not permitted in each geographical area in a way that this audience can readily understand.

To overcome the linguistic challenge, we envisage the materials making intelligent use of symbols to demonstrate which activities are or are not permitted. A key with translation into English and/or local languages could be included but it should be possible to intuitively understand the meaning without the key.

To make the map readily understandable, we envisage that it will include a visual representation of topography and landmarks familiar to the audience. We believe that speaking with local stakeholders regarding which landmarks are most suitable and ground truthing to verify the location of such features would help to make a top quality product. Contractors demonstrating the ability to obtain this information will be favored.

To make materials that are even more relevant to local resource-users, ≥2 additional posters and leaflets shall be tailored to individual communities or areas within Toledo. These will feature more detailed, close-up maps particular to those communities. The materials will initially be distributed to 15 communities within the Maya Mountain Marine Corridor (Figure 1) and so the close-up posters should be relevent to communities within this area.

The posters are to be printed in size E (864 x 1118 mm) and displayed in schools and community centers. The leaflets are to be printed in US letter size (216 x 279 mm) and distributed to individual resource users. The contractor shall deliver electronic copies of the posters and leaflets to TIDE by 20th September 2013. The electronic files shall be fully editable – for instance, Adobe CS5, Publisher or other suitable files, rather than pdfs.

The logos of TIDE, Forest Department, Fisheries Department and PACT should be displayed on the materials.

To bid for this contract, please send a letter with your quotation and a description of how you are qualified to perform the work to Mr. Joe Villafranco, program director, at by 31st May 2013.



Figure 1: The Maya Mountain Marine Corridor with its six watersheds delineated.

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