Toledo Environmental Educators Alliance Meeting

TIDE’s Environmental Outreach Coordinator, Norman Budna, joined environmental educators from the Ya'axché Conservation Trust (YCT), Southern Environmental Alliance (SEA) and Humana to Humana last week to revive the Toledo Environmental Education Alliance (TEEA).


TEEA was established in November 2006, became dormant through the years and had a short revival in 2010 were it operated successfully for some years. Once again, renewed interest in the network shared by TIDE, YCT, SEA and Humana to Humana resulted in a meeting held on May 8th to permanently revive the alliance. The aim is to build upon the established platform that supports partnerships in environmental education outreach efforts in southern Belize. In the past, TEEA played an important role in successfully implementing environmental outreach activities and is now being revived to facilitate collaboration and networking for benefit of the stakeholders.


The idea of this alliance initially came about when environmental educators from different NGO’s in the Toledo District recognized the need to unite and share work plans, and collaborate on the implementation of similar conservation activities with the shared stakeholders of the region. This provided the opportunity for sharing ideas, recommendations and support in the implementation of environmental education projects in the district. It is believed that through the alliance, the stakeholders are able to accomplish more and avoid duplication efforts.


It is important to note that the efforts being supported by the Toledo Environmental Educators Alliance are conservation outreach initiatives that span marine and terrestrial ecosystems vital to present and future generations.

Date: May 13, 2014 Author: kmahung
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