Yellow Headed Parrot Rehabilitaion

TIDE ranger Andrew Williams has several reasons to be happy today. Alongside Mario Muschamp - TIDE Terrestrial Manager and Leonard Williams - TIDE Ranger, and staff from Belize Bird Rescue he is releasing six Yellow-headed Parrots (Amazona oratrix Belizensis) into an enclosure at Payne's Creek National Park (PCNP). Yellow-headed Parrots are an endangered sub-species of parrot endemic to PCNP. A large part of TIDE's work in PCNP involves an effort to increase the population of these birds.


Back in April TIDE rangers noticed that the success of it's artificial nest box created a new problem. Four of the boxes had more chicks than they could support. We knew if we did not interfere the chicks would die so we invited Belize Bird Rescue to take them up to Roaring Creek and raise them in captivity.


Since then Mario and the team have built a 10 ft high 500 sq ft bird enclosure specifically for Yellow-headed Parrot rehabilitation a few minutes from the ranger's base station at PCNP.


The four young birds and two other birds who were surrended to Belize Bird Rescue were driven down to Punta Gorda and carried out by boat to PCNP. The team released the birds into our rehabilitation enclosure where they will stay for two weeks. It is important that they have this time to re-orientate themselves after the six hour journey before they are released into the wild.


Celesha Guy - Belize Bird Rescue Manager tells TIDE that all six birds are strong fliers, they have good weight and do not quarrel!


The birds are banded with a small silver band with identification markings. They will be fed a healthy mix of nuts and fruits throught their stay at Hotel PCNP! They especially enjoy Papaya.

If you know anyone who has a Yellow-headed Parrot and they would like to release their bird. Advise them to contact TIDE, Belize Bird Rescue or the Belize Forest Department.


TIDE: Mr. Mario Muschamp, Payne’s Creek National Park Manager. 732-4708,

Belize Bird Rescue: Mrs. Nikki Buxton, Director, 610-0400.

Forest Department: Mrs. Victoria Cawich , Wildlife Program Coordinator, 822-1524/2079,



It's a good beginning...when people see this working they may be more likely to rehabilitate...we are willing to come back and do this every year!

- Nikki Buxton - Belize Bird Rescue



Too many eggs for the artifical nest box?


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