Protected Areas Overview

TIDE’s work focuses on the Maya Mountain Marine Corridor of southern Belize, which encompasses the Port Honduras Marine Reserve and the six watersheds that drain into it. This 830,000-acre ridge-to-reef landscape stretches from the Maya Mountains in the west to the coral reefs of the Snake Cayes in the east.


large_IMG_8140.jpgThe value of the biological resources of this unique landscape has led to the designation of 12 protected areas. 75% of the landscape is fully protected, safeguarding 43 distinct habitat types and at least 50 species of international concern, from Baird’s tapir to staghorn coral.

Within this spectacular landscape, TIDE co-manages the Port Honduras Marine Reserve (100,000 acres) with the Fisheries Department and co-manages Payne’s Creek National Park (38,000 acres) with the Forest Department. We also manage over 20,000 acres of TIDE Private Protected Lands.

As the name suggests, the Maya Mountain Marine Corridor plays an important role as a biological corridor. Part of Belize’s Southern Biological Corridor, it connects two large blocks of intact forest – the Maya Mountain Massif and the lowland forests of southern Belize.

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