Yellow-headed Parrot Project

The Yellow-headed parrot is an endangered species due to its popularity as a pet; therefore it is often captured for the pet trade. In an attempt to increase the population in Belize, Payne's creek National Park rangers and Belize Bird Rescue are working together to install artificial nest boxes and release captive Yellow-headed parrots back into their natural environment.

Sea turtle

TIDE's first Ridge to Reef expedition group had the incredible experience of tagging a critically endangered hawksbill sea turtle on 23rd August 2014! TIDE of HOPE will provide important migration data for sea turtles that nest in the Port Honduras Marine Reserve and will enable us to highlight the importance of the coastal beaches and foraging areas for endangered sea turtles.

Goliath Grouper

The Goliath grouper study is being carried out by Science Director, James Foley, and Research Assistant, Marty Alvarez, to determine the current status of Goliath groupers in Port Honduras Marine Reserve (PHMR), Toledo.  Catch data from 2014 was compared with studies conducted by Rachel Graham in 2007-2010 to determine impacts of fishing on Goliath grouper population dynamics, and to inform national policy on this IUCN-listed Critically Endangered species.

Hicatee turtle

Hicatees are a Meso-American river turtle that are found in only four countries globally; Belize; Guatemala; Mexico; Honduras. They are slow growing animals and take 9-10 months to hatch from their eggs after being laid. They are being over-hunted in Belize's rivers and they are now critically endangered. Due to their slow life cycle, the hicatees are not reproducing fast enough to balance their loss in numbers through hunting.

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