Managed Access

TIDE is working in partnership with The Belize Fisheries Department (BFD), Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and Belizean fishers, to explore Managed Access as a fisheries management policy for Belize.  Managed Access works by limiting access to General Use Zones within marine reserves by using a licensing system to allow only “traditional fishermen” to fish commercially in the reserve.

Lobster Juvenile Recruitment

The Caribbean Spiny Lobster, Panulirus argus, is an essential fishery product for Port Honduras Marine Reserve (PHMR). It has become crucial to study these crustaceans to develop management practices that will lead to sustainable population density and avoid collapse of the fisheries in the surrounding communities.

Conch, Lobster and Sea Cucumber

Regular monitoring of Queen conch, Caribbean spiny lobster and ‘Donkey Dung’ sea cucumber is carried out collectively under the Commercial Benthic Species monitoring program. Due to indications of possible overharvesting in recent years in PHMR, the on-going monitoring aims to determine stock levels of commercial benthic species and inform sustainable catch quotas.

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